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This is a pinned post for our foreign followers. In this post we will add all the content that is in english so it is easier for you to find 🙂

Please let us know if you have any wishes for content in blog format, on YouTube or in the podcast!

Blog contents

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 120 – Interview with Ralph Hensel, Managing Director of Convar Foods
  • Episode 112 – Ole from Hverdagsprepping (Norway)
  • Episode 63 – Glenn and Shelby from the American podcast Prepping 2.0
  • Episode 81 – Todd from Prepper Website podcast
  • Episode 89 – Cam and Coby on the American podcast Casual preppers Podcast
  • Episode 95 – The Modern Survialist, Fernando
  • Episode 105 – A. American the author of one of the most popular prepper fiction book series ”Going home

YouTube content

Cooking food with freeze dried ingredients (english subtitles)
Review of Sangean MMR99 (FM) emergency radio
A Video about emergency/crank radios
How to store and clean water
The sound is bad on this one, please listen to the podcast instead
Introduction to ”Everyday Prepping”
Live stream with The Casual Preppers

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