Welcome, willkommen, welkom, bienvenu!

We have seen a huge amount of visitors from Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and France after Martin appeared on the show RE: Schweden preppt. Ein Staat den Ernstfall from ARTE.TV.

We have also received several comments and e-mails asking us to please translate our content to English so that more people around Europe can take part of Swedish prepping.

Since we are all about spreading the word about sound, down-to-earth prepping, we were quite honoured to receive such words from our fellow Europeans and will therefore happily bow to your demand 🙂

This is the start of something completely new for us at vardagsprepping (loosely translated into everyday prepping) and we will try our best to make twice as much content (in Swedish and in English). The only thing we ask of you in return is to spread the word to your friends, your colleagues at work and to your relatives about this initiative.

In the start, we will focus on bringing you videos on YouTube where we’ll try to cover the basics of everyday prepping. But if we see a continuous increase of European visitors, comments and e-mails, we’ll try our very best to also translate blog content into english. Please let us know what you prefer!

Send us your thoughts about preparedness. What does it mean in your country? How is prepping perceived? What challenges do you see on the horizon?
Even though we are one union on one continent, we are all different. But when we look at the basics, we all have the same needs; hope, oxygen, water, food and well-being.

Make sure to follow the blog, our YouTube channel. And feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you’re there!

Take care, keep safe and prep on!

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