vardagsprepping LIVE May: vardagsprepping X Casual Preppers

May 20th 11:00 MST (GMT +1)

Welcome to our first cross-Atlantic, multi national live stream! In this hour or hour and a half, we have invited the wonderful beings of The Casual Preppers Podcast to talk about something really serious; war and the effects of it.

All the attendees in the panel for this live stream are preppers, but at the same time – not at all experts of any kind. We want to keep the conversation live and well while just being ordinary people, preparing for life, disasters and challenges.

So the point of this event is not to tell you what to do. Not to rely on ”experts” but rather to accompany us in a sound, real discussion about what we feel might happen during the worst crisis of them all; a war.

But since none of us are in an immediate danger, we want to focus the discussion on the effects of war in different stages. How is the U.S. challenged with things happening in eastern Europe? How are swedes affected by the actions of Russia? What do we see happening during, and after a possible entry into NATO?

This is not an expert show. You will not experience ”Preparing for war – the experts give you the top ten ways of prepping” but rather sane (?) individuals talking about what you actually are thinking about.

You are more than welcome to ask any questions you have as a comment in this blog post. And you can also send an email to before the show.

And of course, you may also ask your questions and/or comment live in any of the streams below.

To participate, use any of the links below:

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